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My name's Dan, and this is my space.

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About me

I'm a full-stack software developer based in London, UK.

I currently work for EduMe, where I spend most of my days developing cool front-end features.

I co-made Buzzword Ipsum, and you can see more of my work on GitHub and Codewars.

I'm also a keen origamist, Japanese learner, baker and gamer!

A small moon, being orbited by images representing my main interests.

There's a Japanese flag, the JavaScript logo, an origami crane, the Ruby logo, the Steam logo, a cup of coffee, a Storm Trooper helmet, and the Android logo.


If you've got a job opportunity you think I'd be interested in (or just want to say hi!), please get in touch below!

Dan Belsey

Full-Stack Developer

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Key skills

  1. A passionate software developer with experience in many fields, and huge enthusiasm for both learning new skills and refining existing ones. A quick learner with a proven record of excellence, seeking a fresh opportunity to work full-stack on an exciting project with cutting-edge technology.
  2. Main skills:
  3. JavaScript, React, NodeJS, Ruby, Java, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, web services, Git, TDD

Jan 2017 - Present

Full Stack Developer

  1. Working in a small full-stack team, developing full-stack features (in React/NodeJS/PostgreSQL) on a customer-facing learning platform, as well as internal content authoring tools.
  2. Projects include an overhaul of testing across products, working closely with designer on internal reporting dashboards, and developing new types of learning content.

Jan 2015 - Dec 2016

Lead Developer

  1. KatchUp was a small tech startup providing a private photosharing platform.
  2. Started as a front-end developer, working primarily on the AngularJS front end. Over course of 2 years, grew to working as Full Stack developer on our Java/MongoDB backend.
  3. After 1 year grew to Lead Developer, leading a mixed team of 2-4 developers. Individually responsible for major feature development across full stack, ranging from front-end UX reviews to backend performance improvements and ops/Docker maintenance.
  4. Frequently deployed several times a day in an incredibly fast-paced team constantly working with new and changing requirements.
  5. Also responsible for a total rewrite of the site to follow Angular best practices and improve testability of code, adding proper build pipeline and testing.

Sep 2013 - Dec 2014

Graduate Software Developer

  1. Developed several responsive web front ends for internal use. Sole developer of several internal command-line programs, largely Java or shell scripts.
  2. Frequently responsible for both UI/UX design, including running usability tests throughout development.
  3. Attended and occasionally ran weekly "Coding Dojos" in both Ruby and Java: small coding exercises designed to improve TDD and pair-programming skills, whilst also improving core language skills through open discussion of each others' solutions.
  4. Led a development team of seven Modern Apprentices for several weeks; responsible for both technical design and team management, on top of contributing to the codebase. Ran weekly study sessions for wider team of apprentices to assist with their university course.
  5. Developed several back-end SharePoint controls in C#, and responsible for managing deployment process.

Jul 2011 - Jul 2012

Industrial Placement

  1. Developed several applications in high-level languages as part of the Human Factors capability. Worked mostly in C++ and Pascal (with no prior experience), usually as sole developer.
  2. Worked closely with design and psychology experts on each program's interface, sparking my interest in user experience in general.
  3. Had to communicate effectively with customers to refine vague and changing requirements, especially when adding features to existing, undocumented applications.
  4. Frequently gave presentations on work to both existing and potential clients, as well as the wider team.
  5. Suggested a new project to the Olympic Taekwondo team based on an existing project, and subsequently implemented it, which was a great success for both the business and the team.


First Class BEng (Hons) Computer Science

  1. Achieved a First for dissertation, titled “Tracking Bird Flocks in Offshore Radar”. This involved a combination of computer vision and machine learning techniques to detect and track flocks in noisy radar images, then analyse their flight patterns.
  2. Final year modules covered Analysable Real Time Systems, Computer Vision, Computing by Graph Transformation and Machine Learning and Applications.
  3. Completed several programming assessments in Scheme, Java, MATLAB, C, C++ and Ada.
  4. Earlier modules covered general programming principles, usually implemented in Java.
  5. Other modules included: operating systems, algorithms and data structures, computer graphics, design of interactive systems, AI, relational databases and query languages, networks and distributed systems, low-level computer architectures, digital and analogue circuit design.
  6. Completed a 12 month industrial placement at BAE Systems’ Advanced Technology Centre in Filton.
  1. Developed with a colleague. Created the original JavaScript prototype, then developed the front end and a "marketing robot", developed in Ruby. Also contributed some features to the Python backend.
  2. Developed a basic Android Wear watchface, "ish", which gives an approximate time in words rather than a traditional clock face.
  3. Regularly practice development skills on codewars, to keep Ruby skills fresh and to learn about new features and design patterns.
  4. Member of the British Origami Society for 5 years.
  5. Currently enrolled in a year-long photography course.
  6. Self-teaching Japanese language for 4 years.
  7. Made this website!